The mission of Visit Annapolis and Anne Arundel County is to market the destination, provide economic prosperity, and enhance employment opportunities.

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Visit Annapolis & Anne Arundel County is the official Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) for Annapolis and Anne Arundel County. We focus on attracting more leisure & business visitors to help grow your revenue.


We are a 501(c)(6) Private Corporation


We recently celebrated 25 years of supporting local businesses


In FY17 our revenues included hotel tax dollars totaling $3.4M, a State Matching Grant totaling over $195k, and Partnership totaling over $101k.


  • Beautiful Accommodations

  • Unique Venues

  • Great Dining

  • Specialty Shopping

  • Specialty Living

  • Exciting Activities

  • Living History

  • Abundance of Entertainment

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At our core, we are a membership organization dedicated to marketing the destination. Our mission is simple. We focus on attracting more leisure & business visitors to help grow your revenue.

We have created four Partnership packages. You select the package that best aligns with your marketing goals, and let us do the rest!

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Partnership Packages

With the creation of the new destination site in 2012 and the additions of our microsites and mobile applications, we wanted to create an advertising package for local businesses. We do not sell banner advertising on our site, they are named partnership packages.

With a partnership package, you will have access to our CRM (partner database) where you can manage your business information, including descriptive copy, web address, photos, meeting space specifications, events, deals, social channels, amenities, and contact info. This content is then distributed to our website(s) and mobile applications. We provide a one-time cost per annual package and allow you to position your business in all relevant categories on all of our sites, as well as post unlimited events and deals. We have four unique partnership levels.


  • $295 rate is for Full Service Hotels
  • Group sales referrals
  • Attendance to the monthly organizational meetings
  • Invitation to networking workshops at VAAAC
  • Online white listing (Company name, address, and phone number only)
  • Invitation to join the sales team at tradeshows and conventions*
  • Invitation to join the sales team on sales missions*
  • Opportunity to place brochures, menus, and materials within the Visitors Center
  • Free listing in the Official Visitors Guide for Annapolis & Anne Arundel County
  • Representation at the Visitors Center
  • Representation at the Visitors Center booth at City Dock
  • Opportunity to purchase advertising in the Official Visitors Guide
  • *Additional fees may apply


  • Dedicated page on our website(s)
  • Dedicated page on the mobile App and website(s)
  • Contact information on business page
  • Ability to position business in all relevant categories
  • Ability to post unique description per category
  • Photos on business page
  • Logo on business page
  • Access to member portal to update information
  • Ability for consumer to map business
  • Ability for consumer to add business to itinerary
  • Ability to post events to the Events Calendar
  • Book Now link


  • Includes Partner Plus benefits plus:
  • Ability to post deals/coupons to the website
  • Facebook integration on business page
  • Twitter integration on business page
  • YouTube integration on business page
  • Trip Advisor integration on business page
  • Yelp integration on business page
  • OpenTable integration on business page


  • Includes Enhanced Partner benefits plus:
  • Positioned first on category listing page alphabetically

$1.7M budget dedicated to advertising in FY 2017, accessed by 7.1M visitors to Annapolis and Anne Arundel County in 2016.

To become a Partner, contact Christine McNichols, Senior Partnership Manager, at 410-280-0445 ext. 311 or via email at

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Visitor Guide Advertising

Each year we print and distribute over 120,000 copies of our Visitor Guide. The guides are distributed through our visitor center, our partners, the state’s visitor center, and directly to planners and consumers. Advertising starts at $1,850 for a 1/6-page ad in our Visitor Guide. For more information on Visitor Guide advertising opportunities, please contact us for a current rate card.

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Why become a partner?

You’ll be part of a $1.7M budget dedicated for advertising in FY 2017.

Why advertise?

There were 7.1M visitors to Annapolis and Anne Arundel County in FY 2016!

Interested in a package?

If you own more than one business, contact us to discuss packages and discounts.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • With a partnership package, your business is listed on our various websites based on your category with your company name, address, contact information, website, descriptive content, pictures, events, meeting space amenities, book now link, coupons/deals, and social media, based on your level of partnership.
  • As a partner, you will have a white listing on our website, which shows your business name, address, and phone number. The sales team sends referrals/leads to you when customers are looking for your type of business. Your brochures/rack cards are in the Visitors Center on display.
  • As a partner, a representative from your company can attend VAAAC’s monthly sales/leads meetings and join the sales team at trade shows and on sales missions (additional fees may be required).
The extranet is the place where you upload information such as descriptive content, pictures, events, coupons/deals, social media links, meeting space information, etc. You can also add and remove staff members from your business. You receive a login and password to access this information.
Yes. We have a Senior Partnership Manager that handles all accounts and is able to show you how to use the extranet and can even upload information for you when you’re unable to.
  • A FAM is short for Familiarization Tour. We have two different kinds of FAM tours. One is where our VAAAC’s sales team brings in qualified planners to Anne Arundel County to see the destination. Businesses offer their services complimentary in exchange for face-to-face time with these planners, in hopes to have them book their group business in Anne Arundel County and use your hotel, restaurant, shop, attraction, etc. Following the FAM, the sales team sends out a list of contact information of the planners that attended the FAM to the members that participated.
  • If you are unable to host planners, some FAM tours have receptions that you may attend for a minimal cost to receive face-to-face time with these planners.
  • The second type of FAM tour is for our volunteers and staff to become familiar with your business and/or services.
  • This is a partner benefit.
  • Just let our sales team know that you would like to participate in a sales FAM. They’ll provide you with the information for the FAM and will check the availability to include your business in the itinerary. There are opportunities to host planners at your hotel, restaurant, venue, or business.
  • To provide a FAM tour to our volunteers and staff members, you would contact our Director of Visitor Services. This FAM tour is to familiarize them with your services in order to promote your business better.
  • These are partner benefits.
  • Your business can join the sales team at trade shows by paying a portion of the exhibit cost. This will allow you to exhibit in the same booth as the sales team. The benefit is that VAAAC has information about the entire destination and can show the benefit of staying in Anne Arundel County.
  • Your business can join the sales team on sales missions. Sales missions usually consist of a lunch in various areas such as Washington, DC and Alexandria, VA with planners that the sales team qualifies. The cost is shared between the members that attend these events in addition to VAAAC. Following the Sales Mission, the sales team sends out a list of contact information of the planners that attended the event to the partners that participated.

To update your business profile, access our extranet.

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